The topic of organic waste has a growing importance, due to its ability to become a problem for human health and the environment. When not properly separated, this waste eventually decomposes, releasing high loads of leachates and methane gas.

However, this waste can be reused and recovered in different ways!

In this sense, beginning in 2024, it will be mandatory that Municipalities and companies that provide waste collection have implemented solutions for the selective collection of organic waste.

Sotkon can help! For underground waste systems we present the Koncept system with a container capacity of 1.2m³.

This system offers several advantages for municipalities and final users.

In addition to protecting the bio-waste from direct sunlight and high temperatures, reducing the time it takes for the waste to decompose, it can also reduce the amount of odors reaching the surface and protect the waste from rodents. In addition, Sotkon containers are fully watertight and suitable for rear collection waste trucks.

In addition, SOTKIS intelligent systems bring even more advantages. By placing access controls on the installed equipment it is possible to get more selective and uncontaminated waste. It is also possible to install a sensor to monitor the filling level of the containers in order to optimize the collection routes.

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