SOTKIS consists of integrated management systems that provide information about the various processes involved in waste deposition and collection, thought to maximize the efficiency of allocated resources and to increase the profitability of the operation. Using the SOTKIS systems, the entity responsible for the operation may retrieve information about the container filling level, plan collection routes more efficiently and know the frequency of the depositions by user, refuse type and many more variables. The SOTKIS Intelligent Systems are PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) ready.


Download Sotkis app for your smartphone. The app allow you to see all the underground waste containers from your town and have all the depositions information.


PAYT is short for pay-as-you-throw, an EU program in which residents or users are charged a rate based on how much waste they present for collection to the municipality or local authority. It is understood as a fairer taxation mechanism. Waste is measured by weight or size while units are identified using different types of bags, tags, containers or even RFID. Used to be on the lead, Sotkon developed a tool that applies the PAYT principle, to stir consciences and for a more just and responsible waste discarding.

How it works with Sotkon’s solutions?
It is required an intake bin (for the underground solutions) or an intake drum (for semi-underground solutions) with SOTKIS Access module installed. The access for the waste disposal is granted by the use of a smart key or an access card (RFID reading).


The SOTKIS Access module can be installed easily in an existing intake bin. It is the perfect solution for cities with or wishing to have PAYT systems. This module includes data collection and data transmission for the invoicing of deposited refuse, according to local requirements. The system collects information each time an access key is used by any of the different users and converts that data to valuable management information: whose user deposited what and what kind of waste, when and quantity. The data transference can be made by a complete GPRS / GSM system. All the data is centralized and presented in an internet portal managed by the municipality or operating company.


This clever module monitors the waste filling level in each container placed underground. A proficient response to avoid unnecessary collections and the optimization of route planning leads to savings of money, staff and equipment. The SOTKIS is a tool that uses an ultrasonic sensor and a web portal to provide information. Each sensor is impact protected and placed inside the container. In a specific time, the system sends the filling level information to the web platform using GSM. Data from the various sensors allow the operator to re-allocate resources and to program the essential routes in an economic and environmentally sustainable way.