We constantly seek to innovate, adapting our equipment to the needs of our customers, ensuring that our products meet all safety standards and are certified according to the standards set by the European Union.  The certification adds a seal of quality to the products we offer and guarantees the highest levels of safety, since the certification process requires a set of tests that go far beyond the normal conditions of use.

Our equipments have passed the most diverse tests of structural resistance and functioning. All SOTKON products passed the tests with absolute success! As part of the certification of Sotkon products, tests according to the new EN 13071:2019 standard, part 1, 2 and 3, were successfully carried out in the first quarter of this year:

One of the exercises carried out involved the testing of a 5m3 capacity polyethylene container, in which it was simulated that the container was filled with a 7Ton load. The container was elevated in the air for 5 minutes, and it resisted and maintained its original integrity.

Another of the tests was aimed at verifying the operation of the safety platform. The platform, which exists inside the concrete bunker, was activated 250 consecutive times, and in the end maintained its perfect operation.

The intake columns are also subjected to the most diverse resistance tests. The third of the tests was with the Ikon intake column. This intake column for underground waste received four consecutive impacts with 50kg without showing any kind of deformation or permanent rupture.

We make sure to follow our products from conception to installation, ensuring their quality and durability, and the satisfaction of our customers!