The event, which had Cascais as its location and the theme "Urban Cleaning at the service of people and territories", was held at the Estoril Racetrack and featured three days full of exhibitions, conferences, and demonstrations. Between December 12 and 14, the 5th ENLU surpassed the visitor numbers of the last edition, with around 1.050 participants, 30 exhibitors and 40 speakers.

At the 5th ENLU, several important topics related to urban cleaning and the waste sector were discussed, such as pressure from tourism, vandalism and security, technological trends, municipal strategies to reduce waste, the valorization of services and professionals in the urban cleaning, among others.

We must highlight the ability that this event had to demonstrate innovative solutions, sharing of knowledge and the motivation to promote better conditions to local communities.

Sotkon was present with a stand that was the highlight of the event for its innovative nature, as attested by the coverage made by the Smart Cities magazine. At the Sotkon stand visitors could find the most varied resources for waste disposal - from the most efficient underground containers to the most intelligent digital solutions. We must highlight our latest addition to our Sotkis range - Sotkon Intelligent Systems: the new Sotkis DRS equipment was the focus of the greatest curiosity and interest by visitors.

This equipment, presented for the first time on this occasion, is called “Sotkis Digital Return System” and aims to offer municipalities a valuable tool for obtaining higher recycling rates and a significant improvement in the quality of selective waste. Equipped with an innovative technology that identifies each selective deposition packaging (glass, plastic, and metal), Sotkis DRS allows the awarding of incentives to each user, thus motivating the entire population to recycle in a more organized and frequent way.

Sotkis DRS only needs a mobile device for connection via Bluetooth. After this connection, the user can immediately deposit their glass bottles and, in the case of plastic packages and metal cans, scan the barcode of the item they want to deposit and place it in the equipment. After this process, the user receives an incentive that the “smart city” where he lives in wants to award!

The incentives to be awarded can be “points” received after each deposit and that can be converted into various benefits for each citizen – discounts on waste tariffs, public transport, use of municipal equipment, incentives for participation in city events, among others.

Sotkis DRS is an innovative solution that allows the increase of the recycling rates and of the quality of selective waste in each city, by rewarding users for the correct disposal of their waste.

Over the 3 days of this event, there was no shortage of opportunities for relevant and important conversations with users, customers, and partners! We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event, and to all our visitors for their interest, enthusiasm, and support.