As a complement to our underground solutions, the "O+" intake column was designed by Sotkon to collect very specific types of waste and is characterized by its improved collection capacity. Its robust construction, as well as its attractive and minimalist design, make this solution an element with optimal integration in any city, and allows the waste to be hidden, protecting it from excessive heat, avoiding unpleasant odors and preventing contact with animals.

This equipment was designed to accommodate two and four-wheel MGB containers with capacities from 120L to 660L, which can be unloaded through the container elevator (EN 840) onto rear collection trucks. The container installed inside the intake column is easily collected through a front or back door and can be emptied by the collection truck or, alternatively, replaced by another identical container. The installation of the O+ intake column is very simple and is done by bolting the equipment to the ground.

This system can have a dedicated entrance for bottles, a larger lid on top or a simple drum with volumetric limitation.

With a larger lid, the equipment O+ Bio is ideal for accommodating organic waste. With a circular entrance, the equipment O+ Oil has the perfect dimensions to receive used cooking oil bottles.

To optimize its use, the O+ surface containers have several optional extras: double lid, built-in handle, external handle, drum, automatic opening, special key, pedal, shock absorber, customized signage and Sotkis Level & Access.

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