Sotkon presentation

simple and efficient

Sotkon is a complete refuse collection concept and is supported by a unique modular, scalable, unobtrusive, system. 

Our plan was to create a system that reduces collection costs, increases recycling rates, is cost effective and above all provides a clean and pleasant environment.

Leak proof waste and recycling containers are hidden from view underground whilst waste is collected through discreet stainless steel intake columns on the surface. 

The simplicity of the Sotkon solution ensures that integration can be phased in with minimal impact on existing waste collection strategies and methods. 


Reducing the cost of waste collection is one of the main objectives of Sotkon. 

Our system is truly environmentally friendly, 99% of materials used are recyclable. The system can reduce overall operating costs for refuse collection by more than 30% using less manpower, fewer vehicle movements and less energy consumption. The system also promotes separation recycling streams at source, reducing on-going waste processing. 

This idea of cost efficiency is maximized by the use of Sotkon intelligent system which allows an optimization in the collection system.

Our company is proud to have a system that allows considerable savings and a remarkable low payback period. 

Payback period

expenditure before and after utilising the sotkon system


The company currently holds various worldwide patents relative to the system.

Product legal conformity and company certifications

All components submitted to tests according to:

EN 13071-1
EN 13071-2
Machine Directive 2006/42/CE

Sotkon Portugal is certificed in ISO 9001 and 14001