Side loading system by Sotkon

The Sotkon underground side-loading system builds on its simplicity of operation and installation, enhancing efficiency gains from a single-operator collection.

The equipment does not require expensive hydraulic connections and complex mechanisms to lift the containers, allowing very low maintenance costs. It has a unitary watertight concrete bunker that prevents the entrance of water and the exit of leachates that can contaminate the soil. 

The side-loading containers incorporate mechanical drive lift arms, polyethylene body to prevent corrosion and are placed underground. The waste is deposited through inlets placed above ground.

The collection process is fully automated and controlled from the interior of the cabin through a wi-fi system. It allows bi-directional communication between the container and the collection truck in order to receive all the information of the sensors placed inside the underground container and to integrate this information to control all the movements of command. 

The actuation of the bunker cover is 100% electric, and the movement is carried out through a 24 volt actuator, ensuring a safe operation that does not require local certification.

As unitary equipment, it becomes easy to overcome all obstacles, such as plumbing or other existing underground infrastructures.