Compact Underground waste system

Compact underground containers

Open bottom containers are connected with both the cover and the input bin forming a complete system.

The input bin is made of stainless steel. The bin is easy to clean and very low-maintenance.The intake bin has a watertight stainless steel cover, and each bin can be identifled using signs displaying the type of waste to be deposited in each one. Insulation is provided by a rubber seal to prevent noise and any unpleasant odors.

The concrete bunker is unitary, enabling it to be placed on its own or in groups with various configurations. It is manufactured using prefabricated moulds, providing items with perfectly controlled dimensions. It is completely watertight, preventing penetration of water and escape of leachates contaminating the surrounding soil.

The pedestrian platform is made of laminated steel plate, duly treated against corrosion in harsh conditions.


Simple and functional this circular deposit bin enables a perfect integration with its surroundings, restoring harmony to the urban space.

The opening is slanted and opens to the side for ergonomic reasons.

Sotkon containers are designed to provide an exceptional mechanical resistance. They have no metal parts in contact with the waste. Container fllls up evenly due to the central mounting of the intake column. All containers are corrosion resistant, easy washing and low-maintenance.