Standard underground waste system

Collection underground closed

A single crane on the truck and a single operator are all it takes to complete the emptying process in 2 or 3 minutes. The system does not require complicated lifting mechanisms for each container. Maximum simplicity.The emptying procedure for the containers of the Sotkon system is simple, quick and easy.

The concrete bunker is unitary, enabling it to be placed on its own or in groups with various configurations. It is manufactured using prefabricated moulds, providing items with perfectly controlled dimensions. It is completely watertight, preventing penetration of water and escape of leachates contaminating the surrounding soil.

The container is designed to provide exceptional mechanical resistance. It has no metal parts in contact with the waste, and the metal components used for handling of the container are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. 

The pedestrian platform is made of laminated steel plate, duly treated against corrosion in harsh conditions.

The cover is opened by means of a key. The basic effort of opening the cover is undertaken by two gas spring cylinders

Other Models and versions upon consultation and subject to availability.

Sotkon developed a wide range of containers.

Sotkon containers are designed to provide an exceptional mechanical resistance and are adaptable to the different collection systems installed in the rear and top load trucks.