Automatic single hook

Collection underground closed automatic hook

Developed to be attached to the end of the last extension of any crane, Sotkon offers an automatic single hook.

With this hook, the crane can automatically grab Sotkon underground containers and move them to the waste collection vehicle. 

With this new simple attachment, operating costs are reduced and the operation is conducted with only one operator. With this solution the operator doesn’t need to hook and unhook the hook manually.

Through the remote control the operator conducts all operations necessary to collect the container, rotates the rotator, open and closes the hook. The collection is faster, safer and optimized.

Automatic cover

Remote control

Sotkon has an automatic system for closing the cover of the concrete bunker designed to be comfortably operated by a single operator from distance.

The opening and closing of the cover is automatic by means of an electric cylinder and an articulate gas shock absorber connected to two supports located inside the concrete bunker and two other identical supports located on the cover.

It requires the use of an electrically powered cylinder and an electric switchboard. Customers can also select a solar power kit and a remote radio control as extra features.

Kinshofer Hook System

Collection mushroom

The Sotkon bottom opening waste containers with Kinshofer system has a capacity of 3m³ or 5m³. Sotkon provides two options for the Kinshofer collection system: Kinshofer double hook or Kinshofer “mushroom”.

With this option the Sotkon system can be adapted to the usual top loading trucks installed with big capacity cranes and can remotely operate the collection of the recycling waste containers.