The Sotkon system is a simple, attractive, cost effective recycling system. Its advantages are clear. 


In cities which have a high number of Sotkon containers, the economic advantages are evident with operational cost reductions of over 30% compared with the period prior installations. This is supported by proven data from local authority operating experience.


By separating waste at source, the volume of recyclables is increased and costs of further separation are reduced. Provided that the users of the containers are presented with clearly marked points of disposal the concept of separation at source is well accepted. The Sotkon system by definition encourages increased and better separation.

flexible & adaptable

The unique patented design allows easy adaptation to the characteristics of the surrounding terrain. It is extremely easy to overcome any barriers created by underground cables or pipes. Steep gradients or undulating ground do not present a problem for Sotkon.


The Sotkon system has been designed with ergonomics, ease of use and health and safety in mind. It is important that the installations are harmonious with their surroundings; it is possible to have bespoke designs for particular situations such as historic town centers.

Long life

The materials used, surface treatment, quality of manufacture and design give the Sotkon system a long life. Critical to this design is the integral seal and channel which eliminates water ingress.


Since the collection can be carried out using existing vehicles, there is no need for substantial investment to support the installation of the Sotkon system. This means that traditional waste systems can be used alongside the Sotkon system, with the same collection vehicle.


The Sotkon system is modular and allows the addition of different and complimentary options at any time; from access control, restriction of volume per opening; easy exchange systems; to monitoring the level of loading of the containers.